Millennium Cushion Set by Florida Patio
M-15CU Ottoman/TableMillennium Deep Seating - Corner SectionMillennium Deep Seating - Right Arm ChairMillennium Deep Seating - Center SectionMillennium Deep Seating - Left Arm with Cushion

Millennium Cushion Set


Millennium Cushion Set is the ultimate in Outdoor Deep Seating.
Very Comfortable with an Ultra Modern Design!
We make deep seating for Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines and Condominium Associations.

The frame is made from 2.5″ x 2.5″ by .125″ thick 100% Pure Extruded Aluminum! We bake the frame at 400 degrees fahrenheit and let it cool to the touch. We powder coat the frame in your choice of color or texture and return it to the Kiln where it's baked again at 400 degrees. The result is a 'tough as nails' finish that will last for many years!

201 White
202 Vanilla
203 Yellow
205 Driftwood
206 Camel
209 Terracota
212 Dark Green
214 Turquoise
215 French Blue
216 Royal Blue
217 Navy Blue
218 Orange
221 Gloss Black
230 Clover
231 Leisure Brown
232 Adobe
236 Burgundy
237 Putty
238 Coffee
239 Mistletoe
242 Papaya
246 Holly Green
248 Sherwood Green
249 Deep Water Blue
251 Forest Green
252 Dove
Texture Anodized silver
Texture Black
Texture Bronze Age
Texture Penny Vein
Texture Pewter Crater
Texture Sahara
Texture Sandstone
Texture Speckled Oak
Texture Weather Green
Accord II Crimson
Accord Jade
Accord Koi
Action Ash
Action Denim
Action Linen
Action Stone
Action Taupe
Allure Dusk
Aries Spring
Astoria Lagoon
Astoria Sunset
Aura Honey
Bangladesh Dune
Bangle Adobe
Bangle Surfside
Beachcomber Dune
Berenson Tuxedo
Bingham Graphite
Bingham Lagoon
Bingham Sunset
Bisbee Charcoal
Bisbee Dune
Bisbee Fiesta
Bisbee Linden
Bisbee Wren
Blox Slate
Brannon Redwood
Brannon Whisper
Bravada Limelite
Bravada Salsa
Bubble Nautical
Cabana Citron
Cabana Classic
Cabana Emerald
Cabana Flame
Cabana Regatta
Cabaret Blue Haze
Cannes Oyster
Cannes Parchment
Canvas Air Blue
Canvas Antique Beige
Canvas Aruba
Canvas Bay Brown
Canvas Birds Eye
Canvas Black
Canvas Blush
Canvas Brass
Canvas Brick
Canvas Burgundy
Canvas Buttercup
Canvas Camel
Canvas Canvas
Canvas Capri
Canvas Charcoal
Canvas Chestnut
Canvas Coal
Canvas Cocoa
Canvas Cork
Canvas Dusk
Canvas Fern
Canvas Flax
Canvas Forest Green
Canvas Ginkgo
Canvas Glacier
Canvas Granite
Canvas Heather Beige
Canvas Henna
Canvas Hot Pink
Canvas Iris
Canvas Jockey Red
Canvas Logo Red
Canvas Macaw
Canvas Maize
Canvas Melon
Canvas Mineral Blue
Canvas Natural
Canvas Navy
Canvas Pacific Blue
Canvas Palm
Canvas Parrot
Canvas Raven Black
Canvas Regatta
Canvas Rust
Canvas Sapphire Blue
Canvas Sky Blue
Canvas Spa
Canvas Sunflower Yellow
Canvas Tangerine
Canvas Taupe
Canvas Teak
Canvas Teal
Canvas Terracotta
Canvas True Blue
Canvas Tuscan
Canvas Vellum
Canvas Walnut
Canvas Wheat
Canvas White
Canyon Antique
Canyon Cocoa
Canyon Curry
Canyon Spring
Canyon Vellum
Canyon Walnut
Canyon Wheat
Canyon Wren
Carousel Confetti
Carousel Limelite
Cast Ash
Cast Lagoon
Cast Mist
Cast Oasis
Cast Petal
Cast Shale
Cast Silver
Cast Slate
Cast Tinsel
Cha Cha Lagoon
Cha Cha Sunset
Charisma Dusk
Chartres Barley
Chartres Flax
Chartres Hemp
Chartres Mist
Chartres Pebble
Chartres Willow
Chartres Wisteria
Cheetah Safari
Cove Cameo
Cove Pebble
Crazy Quilt Seaglass
Davidson Redwood
Decade Pewter
Decade Sand
Dimone Sequoia
Dolce Mango
Dolce Oasis
Dorsett Cherry
Dupione Aloe
Dupione Bamboo
Dupione Caramel
Dupione Celeste
Dupione Cornsilk
Dupione Crimson
Dupione Deep Sea
Dupione Dove
Dupione Galaxy
Dupione Henna
Dupione Latte
Dupione Laurel
Dupione Nectarine
Dupione Oak
Dupione Palm
Dupione Papaya
Dupione Paradise
Dupione Pearl
Dupione Peridot
Dupione Sand
Dupione Stone
Dupione Walnut
Echo Ash
Echo Citron
Echo Dune
Echo Limelite
Echo Midnight
Echo Sangria
Echo Teak
Elegance Marble
Empire Dove
Extend Breeze
Fischer Graphite
Fischer Lagoon
Fischer Sunset
Flagship Bay Brown
Flagship Black
Flagship Brick
Flagship Celadon
Flagship Cocoa
Flagship Ginko
Flagship Mango
Flagship Mineral
Flagship Mist
Flagship Nutmeg
Flagship Papyrus
Flagship Pecan
Flagship Persimmon
Flagship Plum
Flagship Raspberry
Flagship Ruby
Flagship Salt
Flagship Spring
Flagship Stone
Flagship Vellum
Flagship Wheat
Forsythia Parchment
Foster Metallic
Foster Surfside
Francois Barley
Francois Lagoon
Francois Parchment
Francois Redwood
Francois Teak
Frequency Ash
Frequency Parchment
Frequency Sand
Fretwork Cameo
Fretwork Flax
Fretwork Mist
Fretwork Pewter
Gateway Blush
Gateway Mist
Gavin Mist
Grove Oat
Grove Wren
Hampton Indigo
Harwood Crimson
Heritage Alpaca
Heritage Ashe
Heritage Char
Heritage Denim
Heritage Garnet
Heritage Granite
Heritage Leaf
Heritage Mink
Heritage Moss
Heritage Papyrus
Heritage Pumpkin
Heritage Wheat
Hifi Glow
Holmes Cocoa
Holmes Flannel
Holmes Latte
Hoopla Cocoa
Houndstooth Ivory
Houndstooth Spark
Houndstooth Wren
Hybrid Citrus
Hybrid Lime
Hybrid Sky
Hybrid Smoke
Icon Mystique
Icon Pop
ido Indigo
Isla Breeze
Lanai Lagoon
Lanai Teak
Leonardo Clay
Linen Antique Beige
Linen Canvas
Linen Champagne
Linen Chili
Linen Natural
Linen Pampas
Linen Sesame
Linen Silver
Linen Stone
Linen Straw
Linen Taupe
Luxe Indigo
Mainstreet Latte
Mainstreet Wren
Mason Forest Green
Maxim Heather Beige
Meander Lilac
Meander Pebble
Meander Shamrock
Meander Wren
Meridian Air
Meridian Brick
Meridian Cameo
Meridian Charcoal
Meridian Coco
Meridian Dove
Meridian Espresso
Meridian Flax
Meridian Frost
Meridian Grain
Meridian Lemon
Meridian Lime
Meridian Maize
Meridian Mango
Meridian Meadow
Meridian Mist
Meridian Mustard
Meridian Patina
Meridian Pewter
Meridian Rose
Meridian Teak
Meridian Twilight
Meridian Vellum
Meridian Wisteria
Meridian Wren
Milano Char
Milano Cobalt
Milano Dawn
Milano Flax
Mode Lakeside
Mode Seaside
Navigation Marine
Neo Sesame
Neo Silk
Nile Cocoa
Palace Fiesta
Palace Stone
Paris Blush
Paris Lavender
Paris Mist
Paris Raffia
Passage Poppy
Peyton Granite
Pioneer Sunrise
Plush Earth
Plush Maize
Plush Oatmeal
Plush Patina
Plush Sable
Plush Spa
Plush Wren
Posh Acorn
Posh Ash
Posh Charcoal
Posh Dove
Posh Lime
Posh Oat
Posh Parchment
Posh Persimmon
Posh Salt
Posh Shitake
Prestige Yarrow
Rae Marie Sunset
Reel Parchment
Reel Slate
Reflex Citron
Reflex Classic
Reflex Emerald
Reflex Flame
Reflex Regatta
Regency Sand
Renewal Linden
Rib Natural
Rib TaupeAntique Beige
Royce Garden
Sailcloth Sahara
Sailcloth Sailor
Sailcloth Salt
Sailcloth Sand
Sailcloth Seagull
Sailcloth Shade
Sailcloth Shadow
Sailcloth Shell
Sailcloth Shore
Sailcloth Sienna
Sailcloth Sisal
Sailcloth Space
Sailcloth Spice
Sailcloth Suntan
Sasian Sesame
Scout Clay
Seville Seaside
Shadow Charcoal
Shadow Sand
Shadow Snow
Shore Citron
Shore Classic
Shore Emerald
Shore Flame
Shore Regatta
Simone Barley
Simone Landscape
Simone Mahogany
Simone Rocco
Solana Seagull
Solano Fiesta
Spectrum Almond
Spectrum Carbon
Spectrum Caribou
Spectrum Cayenne
Spectrum Cilantro
Spectrum Coffee
Spectrum Crimson
Spectrum Daffodil
Spectrum Denim
Spectrum Dove
Spectrum Eggshell
Spectrum Graphite
Spectrum Grenadine
Spectrum Indigo
Spectrum Kiwi
Spectrum Mist
Spectrum Mushroom
Spectrum Peacock
Spectrum Sand
Spectrum Sesame
Spectrum Sierra
Stanton Brownstone
Stanton Greystone
Stanton Lagoon
Strata Cashew
Strata Linden
Strata Oyster
Strata Vellum
Strata Wren
Token Caribbean
Token Surfside
Traveler Lakeside
Trax Blue
Trax Coal
Trax Denim
Trax II Cloud
Trax Linden
Trax Mink
Trax Mouse
Trax Sequoia
Trax Smoke
Trax Terra
Trax Truffle
Trax Willow
Trax Wren
Venice Lime
Vibe Earthen
Viento Java
Viento Mercury
Viento Nautical
Viento Paprika
Violetta Baltic
Volt Berry
Volt Cherry
Volt Emerald
Volt Fuchsia
Volt Galaxy
Volt Glow
Volt Sand
Volt Sequoia
Volt Silver
Volt Spark
Volt Sulfur
Zara Moroccan
Zara Sunset