Sling Loveseat Glider – I-285 by Florida Patio


Available in 50 different frame and fabric color options.
* Volume Discounts Available *
Handcrafted entirely in the U.S.A.
Will ship anywhere in the continental U.S.
Made to withstand all weather conditions.
5 year frame and 1 year fabric warranty
Buy Factory Direct  and Save.
Heavy Duty 0.063 Gauge Aluminum.
Full Circumference Welds.
Double Wrapped Vinyl Double Stitched Fabric.

201 White
202 Vanilla
203 Yellow
205 Driftwood
206 Camel
209 Terracota
212 Dark Green
214 Turquoise
215 French Blue
216 Royal Blue
217 Navy Blue
218 Orange
221 Gloss Black
230 Clover
231 Leisure Brown
232 Adobe
236 Burgundy
237 Putty
238 Coffee
239 Mistletoe
242 Papaya
246 Holly Green
248 Sherwood Green
249 Deep Water Blue
251 Forest Green
252 Dove
Texture Anodized silver
Texture Black
Texture Bronze Age
Texture Penny Vein
Texture Pewter Crater
Texture Sahara
Texture Sandstone
Texture Speckled Oak
Texture Weather Green
Black Plus
Cane Wicker Aluminum
China Brush
Coast Line Peacock
Coral Topaz
Delray Stripe Conch
Delray Stripe Kiwi
Delray Stripe Poolside
Dupioni Kiwi
Dupioni Poolside
Dupioni Saphire
Dupioni Spice
Fern Dance
Forest Abby
Forest Cafe
Forest Green Plus
Forest Pebble
Green Garden Plus
Island Palms Sadat
Lemon Yellow
Navy Plus
Oga White Oyster
Pulse Dalhia
Pulse Kiwi
Raffia Natural
Rafia Pecan
Raw Linen
Rivet Cognac
Royal Blue Plus
Salsa Shade
Sand Plus
Santiago Stripe
Shelbourne Taupe
Sierra Sands
Spa Stripe
Straw Mat Cognac
Stripe Sienna
Sumba Mocha
Teal Shade
Tempo Stone Stripe
Tropical Foliage
Valencia Blue
Verdana Nutmeg
White Plus

Product Description

Sling Loveseat Glider

The I-285 Sling Loveseat Glider – Island Breeze Line Commercial Grade Sling Loveseat Glider. 2 person sitting area sewn with double stitched fabric, perfect for rocking or lounging on the patio. See our matching ottoman (I-15) for the finishing touches to a perfect combo set.

The frame is 100% Pure Extrude Aluminum with 360 degree welds! We build our outdoor furniture to supply the World’s Finest Resorts, Hotels, Cruise Lines, Restaurants and Condominium Associations. Made in USA! Built to last with a tough powder coated finish! Florida Patio makes the World’s Finest Patio Furniture!

All of our patio furniture fabrics are double stitched for added strength and durability. We offer a wide range of fabrics available at no extra cost!

Additional Information

Frame Color

201 White, 202 Vanilla, 203 Yellow, 205 Driftwood, 206 Camel, 209 Terracota, 212 Dark Green, 214 Turquoise, 215 French Blue, 216 Royal Blue, 217 Navy Blue, 218 Orange, 219 Grey, 221 Gloss Black, 230 Clover, 231 Leisure Brown, 232 Adobe, 236 Burgundy, 237 Putty, 238 Coffee, 239 Mistletoe, 242 Papaya, 246 Holly Green, 248 Sherwood Green, 249 Deep Water Blue, 251 Forest Green, 252 Dove, Luna, Texture Anodized silver, Texture Black, Texture Bronze Age, Texture Penny Vein, Texture Pewter Crater, Texture Sahara, Texture Sandstone, Texture Speckled Oak, Texture Weather Green

Furniture Fabrics

Amber, Aquafino, Balsa, Black Plus, Cane Wicker Aluminum, Chesterfield, China Brush, Coast Line Peacock, Coral Topaz, Cordoba, Delray Stripe Conch, Delray Stripe Kiwi, Delray Stripe Poolside, Desert, Driftwood, Dupioni Kiwi, Dupioni Poolside, Dupioni Saphire, Dupioni Spice, Durango, Elizabeth, Fern Dance, Forest Abby, Forest Cafe, Forest Green Plus, Forest Pebble, Fresco, Green Garden Plus, Huffman, Island Palms Sadat, Lemon Yellow, Montego, Navy Plus, Oga White Oyster, Plata, Pulse Dalhia, Pulse Kiwi, Raffia Natural, Rafia Pecan, Raw Linen, Rivet Cognac, Royal Blue Plus, Salsa Shade, Sand Plus, Santiago Stripe, Seabreeze, Shelbourne Taupe, Sierra Sands, Snappy, Spa Stripe, Straw Mat Cognac, Stripe Sienna, Sumba Mocha, Teal Shade, Tempo Stone Stripe, Tropical Foliage, Tropico, Turquesa, Valencia Blue, Verdana Nutmeg, Verde, White Plus