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Sling Chaise Lounges for Chattanooga, TN

Did you know? Florida Patio supplies sling furniture to the World’s Top Resorts, Hotels, Cruise Lines and Theme Parks with dining chairs, chaise lounges, bar stools, sand chairs, gliders, recliners, swivel gliders, day beds, rockers, ottomans, custom outdoor bars, sled based sling chairs, swivel chairs, swivel bar stools and more!

Florida Patio sling patio furniture fitting comfort. Able to withstand damp waterside locations and drys quickly. Ideal for areas exposed to intense sun, rain and wind. Long lasting durability for extreme conditions.

All Florida Patio sling chairs and lounges are commercial grade. Built with 100% pure aluminum frames with full circumference welds. Stainless and nylon hardware. Tested to meet BIFMA commercial furniture safety standards.

Commercial grade fabrics used on all furniture with a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Slings are made by hand in our factory located in Palmetto, Florida.

Largest line of fabrics in stock! Florida Patio can match any outdoor décor. fabric of your outdoor sling chairs can easily be switched for a new color, pattern or texture to suit your needs.

Update your outdoor décor… We refinish all types of sling chaise lounges and chairs. Switch to a new color, pattern or texture. Florida Patio will exceed your expectations. Satisfaction guaranteed American made quality and workmanship.

Classic Sling Line

Florida Patio's Classic Sling

Deville Line

Deville Line - Sling Patio Furniture by Florida Patio

Deville Line

D-18 Punch Table



D-50 Chair


Bar Chair

D-75 Bar Stool



D-50D Chair


Eclipse Sling Line

Eclipse Sling Line Super Stylish Outdoor Sling Furniture by Florida Patio

Eclipse Sling Line

Sling Lounge E-150A



E-50 Chair



E-49 Chair


Eclipse Sling Line

E-86GL Sling Glider


Eclipse Sling Line

E-375 Swivel Bar Stool


Hurricane Line

Florida Patio's Hurricane Line

Hurricane Sling Line

Punch Top Coffee Table


Hurricane Sling Line

Hurricane Chairs – H-50


Hurricane Sling Line

Armless Chaise Lounge – H-150


Dining Tables

Hurricane Set


Hurricane Sling Line

Hurricane Dining Set



H-350 Rocker


Hurricane Sling Line

H-255 Love Seat


Island Breeze Line

Island Breeze Furniture Collection by Florida Patio

Island Breeze Line

I-350 Swivel Rocker Chair


Island Breeze Line

I-160 Lounge


Island Breeze Line

Padded Chaise Lounge – I-160


Island Breeze Line

Sling Chaise Lounge I-150


Sierra Sling Line

Sierra Sling Collection by Florida Patio

Sierra Sling Line

S-150 Chaise Lounge


Sierra Sling Line

S-350 Rocker


Bar Chair

S-75 Bar Stool


Sierra Sling Line

S-90 Recliner


Sierra Sling Line

S-375 Swivel Bar Stool


Tahiti Sling Line

Tahiti Sling Line by Florida Patio

Florida Patio - World's Finest Sling Furniture