It is the RECEIVERS responsibility to inspect All MERCHANDISE for possible freight damage that may have occurred during transit upon delivery PRIOR to singing freight bill of lading. If there are any visible damage to the furniture and/or boxes, it MUST be noted on freight bill of lading in the presence of the driver. The RECEIVER (customer) must the fill a freight clam with the freight company. If the RECEIVER, YOU, the CUSTOMER do not inspect the furniture and sign the bill of lading in good standings while the driver is present and there IS freight damage, you forfeit the opportunity to file a freight claim and/or the replacement or repairs of the furniture.

CUSTOMER is also responsible for unloading all boxes off of the end of the freight carrier truck upon delivery. PLEASE NOTE: FLORIDA PATIO FURNITURE, INC. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED DURING SHIPPING BY THE FREIGHT COMPANY. You must protect yourself from shipping damage!

Thank you for your business an understanding of this matter.
Sincerely, Your Friends at Florida Patio Furniture, Inc.