General Information                                                                   New Furniture: Construction

All frames are .065 heavy gauge aluminum tubing. It is welded with full circumference welds. Frames are sandblasted to provide the best adhesion for our Powder Coating Process. It is electro statically applied then baked on to give a high luster durable finish result.

Our vinyl strapping is 100% pure virgin vinyl. Our vinyl is treated with mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet stabilizers to minimize fading and weathering. All of our furniture is double wrapped and anchored to the frame by nylon studs to prevent the straps from coming off.

Terms and conditions

Terms:  Check in full with order, or 50% deposit with order. Balance C.O.D. Out of state 100% pre pay and new accounts without approved credit. All Major credit cards accepted.

Prices: All unit prices and discounts are subject to change without any notice.

Freight: Orders are shipped FOB Palmetto, Florida. Unless a specific carrier is requested, all shipments will be routed at the discretion of Florida Patio.  We may choose to deliver with our trucks to certain areas with delivery charge. Most new orders are shipped within 2-5 weeks or less.

Freight Claims:  Any damage to the shipment must be noted on the freight bill at the time of the delivery. Save all shipping cartons. Claims for freight damages are the responsibility of the consignee and must be filled out with the freight company to collect damages.

Returns:  The factory must authorize all returns in advance with a RGA (returned goods authorization) number, and returned freight prepaid. A copy of the original invoice must be attached. There is a 25% Restock Fee on all returns, including any pre paid orders that are cancelled for any reason. This 25% fee includes any deposits made to Florida Patio Furniture Inc.

Commercial Frame Warranty: Florida Patio warranties its frames to the original buyers for 10 years against defects in craftsmanship and materials. Finish is warranted for 3 years against peeling or blistering only. This is also a limited warranty.

Residential Frame Warranty: Florida Patio warranties its frames to the original buyers for 20 years against defects in craftsmanship and materials. This is a limited warranty. Finish is warranted for 3 years against peeling or blistering only. This is also a limited warranty. Refinish work is warranted for a period of 1 year on our work only. No warranty on rust re-occurring.

Vinyl Warranty: Florida Patio warranties its vinyl straps against breakage only for a period of 2-years. This is a limited warranty.

Sling Warranty: On the fabric and workmanship.

1-Years Commercial Ripping or Tearing

3-Years Residential Ripping or Tearing

Warranty Limitations

Florida Patio warranty becomes null and void if the furniture is

  1. Damaged by any acts of nature
  2. Has contact with harsh chemicals or solutions
  3. Is broken do to abuse
  4. Has unauthorized repairs
  5. Has contact with sulfur water or self tanning suntan lotion or oils
  6. Has normal wear & tear
  7. And/or owner fails to keep proper maintenance of the furniture. There is no warranty on the furniture if it has scratches, abductions of furniture finish and vinyl, or any color changes in the vinyl or paint.

There is a limited warranty on accessory items such as any tabletops, glides, hardware, umbrella bases, cushion, umbrellas, and/or furniture cleaner. The warranty is limited to the original manufacturer’s warranty for defects only for a period of 1 year.


Rights Reserved

Florida Patio reserves the right to make changes on any items offered without incurring liability or obligation with reference to similar items previously distributed.

Maintenance Instructions

We recommend a regular maintenance program for your furniture.  The frames and vinyl should be washed with a mild detergent (like Dawn dish wash soap) at least once a month. SHOULD YOU NEGLECT TO CLEAN your furniture regularly and mildew builds up we recommend the use of a vinyl cleaner to remove the mildew. We recommend the use of a towel when using suntan lotions and oils. If suntan lotion or oil should get on the furniture, clean immediately with mild soap and water. Do not place you patio furniture into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi under any circumstance. Never use any kind of solvent, gasoline, alcohol or ammonia based cleaner, undiluted bleach, abrasive or janitorial cleaner, scouring agent or any other harsh or Industrial strength cleaner because this may damage your furniture and void your warranty. If you have cushions they should be vacuumed, washed regularly to prevent dirt, salt and other contaminants from penetrating into the core material. The zippers are for manufacturing convenience and attractive quality seams only – not for washing purposes. Never remove the core material from your cushions and attempt to wash covers in the washing machine. Never place your cushions in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi that will fade and ruin them. Always read the instruction carefully when using any cleaners.

Table Tops: Acrylic tops should be cleaned with “Endust” or a mild liquid detergent. Glass tops can be cleaned with any glass cleaner. Fiberglass can be cleaned with a mild liquid detergent. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning and never use any harsh abrasives or solvent cleaners. Never place your fiberglass tops into your pool or Jacuzzi. Never place your fiberglass tables upside down where water can accumulate and cause swelling of the tops. Never position your furniture to allow moisture accumulate inside the tubing where it may freeze during winter months. The upper pole and ribs of umbrellas should be lubricated with WD-4O or silicone spray, but do not lubricate the crank mechanism. Always close your umbrella and remove it from the table when not in use.

Safety Precautions

Never move or adjust chaise lounge or recliner headrest while seated.  Always get up from the Chaise or recliner and make the necessary adjustments while standing. Never place hot items directly on glass acrylic or fiberglass tabletops. Never use umbrellas during windy conditions. Close and/or remove umbrellas from tables when not in use.

Frame and Vinyl Colors

Painted frames are available in most vinyl colors. Textured vinyl colors are available in colors #201 white, #221 black, and #251 dark green, #252 beige. There is a 5% up charge for textured frames, or textured vinyl.

Standard Fiberglass Top Colors: #201white only. There is a 10% up charge on the following colors: #202 vanilla, #205 sand #219 gray, #224 ivory and #252 dove. Florida Patio can match most frame colors on fiberglass tops for a 45% up charge. Note: Up to 10-20 extra days for delivery time beyond our normal delivery time.
Any questions about warranty please contact us toll free 866-55PATIO

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