Florida Patio makes some of the finest aluminum patio tables available today! We manufacture Design Top Tables, Bar High Tables, Dining Tables, End Tables and Side Tables. as well as custom designed Logo Tables! Call us Toll Free at 866-55PATIO for a free quote on all of your aluminum patio table needs! Have a look at a few patio table articles from our website:


logo tables

Custom Logo Tables New from Florida Patio!If you have been looking for some unique solutions to decorate your patio, the custom logo tables from Florida Patio are exactly what you’ve been looking for! These tables can be easily ordered to display your family crest or company logo and can be had at a reasonable price! Even though it is assumed that when you decorate your house, your love and devotion to it make it different from all the rest, there could be other ways in which you can highlight your personal touch. At Florida Patio, you can find some….


Tomahawk TableThe Custom Tomahawk TableRecently a client in Pompano Beach, Fl. contacted Florida Patio and asked us if we could create an aluminum table with a custom logo design featuring a tomahawk and arrow. The answer was simple: “Yes We Can!”.

We started with a simple sketch supplied by the client. Our Art & Design department redraws the client’s artwork in a digital “Vector” format. We do our best to maintain the essence of the original artwork, but our first priority is structural strength. We will not compromise the structural integrity of the table top.


Design Top TablesDesign Top Tables – Design Top Tables – Table top designs to exceed your expectations. Aluminum punch metal tables in a wide variety of patterns and fashionable designs. These beautiful tables look just as good indoors as out. Custom designs to suite your style and theme. Available in many different colors and textures. Our patio furniture decor will impress you and your guests year round! by Florida Patio



R-48PUNCH 48 inch Aluminum Design Top Table 48 Inch, powder coated, aluminum top table. Available in many colors and finishes. Commercial Grade, High Quality, outdoor table.





18" Punch Top Tables Ready to Ship!18″ Punch Top Tables Ready To Ship! These 18 inch punch top tables are the perfect size and height to hold those cool summer drinks! This is our “Faux Teak” pattern. Florida Patio offers several different punch top patterns and many color combinations. Choose the end table that’s right for you. Florida Patio offers a full line