The Custom Tomahawk Table

Tomahawk Table Final
Tomahawk Table Sketch
The original artwork sketch from the client.


Recently a client in Pompano Beach, Fl. contacted Florida Patio and asked us if we could create an aluminum table with a custom logo design featuring a tomahawk and arrow. The answer was simple: “Yes We Can!”.

We started with a simple sketch supplied by the client. Our Art & Design department redraws the client’s artwork in a digital “Vector” format. We do our best to maintain the essence of the original artwork, but our first priority is structural strength. We will not compromise the structural integrity of the table top.


The digital file of the artwork is fed into a computer that guides a large, industrial strength plasma cutter. The plasma cutter cuts the artwork from the center of the table as well as the outside of the table top.


After the cutting is done, the table top is sanded smooth to remove any sharp edges.

The table top is then sandblasted and powder coated.


After the powder coating is baked to a tough as nails finish, the table is ready to ship!

Tomahawk Table Final

We can generally deliver a table of this size in 3-4 weeks! In some cases we can deliver even faster, for instance, this Tomahawk table was delivered in 2 weeks, from sketch to shipping! Call us Toll Free at 866-55Patio for a FREE QUOTE!