Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

M-50 Casual Chair
M-52 Lounge Chair
The M-52 Lounge Chair

Creating the ideal angelic creation garden patio scene normally
brings to mind comfort, relaxation and tranquility usually is
one’s aim and the thought of longevity or durability will prick the
conscious being far off in the distance. So imagine the delight
of discovering designer furniture that is specifically created
for casual lounging comfort, that is artistic in design and yet
enduring to the all the elements. It being developed specifically
for use in lobbies or entrance ways yet can be moved around for

M-52 with Options
The M-52 Lounge Chair with Optional Arm Cushions and Head Cushion.

exterior use for big events, parties or simply when people arrive
and want to sit leisurely on your deck or in your back yard. This
can be quiet intriguing….

An example of this is the “all weather” addition to patio furniture
line up is the M-52 Millennium Series manufactured by Florida
Patio Furniture, Inc. Available in many color sling fabric options
along with different upgrades which include deep seating. The
Millennium so sophisticated it makes quite the splash and
presence indoor or outdoor.