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Custom Lantern Sheet Cast Design

2020 Sheet Cast Collection Florida Patio's new sheet cast chair with a custom lantern design for Bluegreen Vacations Texture - Graphite Texture - Sandea Texture - White Texture - Bronze Age Texture - Black Texture - Weathergreen Texture - Weather Vein Texture - Speckled Oak Texture - Sandstone Texture Sahara Texture - Pewter Crater Texture [...]

Regal Canopy Top

Regal Canopy
2020 Regal Collection Florida Patio's new canopy for cushion couch ottoman Variety of frame colors and cushions to choose from. Canvas-Navy Canvas-Pacific-Blue Canvas-Cyan Canvas-Glacier Canvas-Aruba Canvas-Spa Canvas-Mineral-Blue Canvas-Air-Blue Canvas-Sky-Blue Canvas-Capri Canvas Sapphire Blue Canvas True Blue Canvas Teal Canvas Forest Green Canvas Ginkgo Canvas Macaw Canvas Rust Canvas Tuscan Canvas Brick Canvas Terracotta Canvas Jockey [...]

New Island Breeze Sling

2020 Island Breeze Collection Florida Patio's new stylish sleek and elegant I-48 chair and I-148 sling lounge Comfortable chairs on sale now in a variety of colors and fabrics. Island Breeze Sling Chair I-48 Island Breeze Sling Lounge I-148 Aquafino Balsa Black Plus Cane-Wicker-Aluminum Chesterfield Coast-Line-Peacock Coral-Topaz Cordoba Delray-Stripe-Kiwi Delray-Stripe-Poolside Desert Driftwood Dupioni-Kiwi Dupioni-Pool-Side Dupioni-Saphire [...]

Pressbreak Cabinet with Drawer

Press Break Cabinet PBC-500
Pressbreak Refrigerator Cabinet with Drawer Pressbreak is folded sides of an aluminum sheet to make the panels. * Displayed above is a press break table Accessories Faux Wood fridge $1,200.00 Accessories Faux Wood Towel Bin $2,500.00 Accessories Press Break Cabinet $950.00 Accessories Faux Wood Two Shelf Bar $1,350.00 Accessories Aluminum Cabinet $1,600.00

Sling chairs with Faux teak arm caps

Sling Balcony Chair DA-49AC $239.67 DA-49AC Deville Sling Balcony chair with faux teak arm cap Toll Free: 866-557-2846 Sales @ More Product Info Product Name Quantity Your Zip Code Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Phone ResidentialCommercial SKU: da-49ac Categories: Chairs, Deville Line, Sling Chairs Sling Balcony Chair DA-49AC quantity Get Quote Display [...]

Island Breeze Sling Lounge

Island Breeze I-169
Sling Lounge I-169 $315.00 I-169 Island Breeze sling chaise lounge Toll Free: 866-557-2846 Sales @ More Product Info Product Name Quantity Your Zip Code Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Phone ResidentialCommercial SKU: i-169 Categories: Island Breeze Sling Line, Lounges, Sling Chaise Lounges, Sling Lounges Sling Lounge I-169 quantity Get Quote Display Materials [...]

Millennium Benches

Millennium Bench
PRESS BREAK - 2020 Bench Collection 18" X 18" X 63"  Millennium Benches by Florida Patio Boardwalk Design Crop Circle Design Enterprise Design Mayan Design Sunfire Design Modern Indoor Outdoor Furniture Design Benches Millennium Bench $350.00 Benches Millennium Cushion Bench $350.00 Benches Aluminum Picnic Table $2,800.00 Benches Faux Teak Picnic Table With Attached Seat $2,200.00 [...]