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New Garden Arbor

Garden Arbor
Decorative All Aluminum Garden Arbor Our newest Arbor creation is now available in a variety of colors and textures. Florida Patio's all aluminum Arbor will enhance your outdoor decor... Accessories Garden Arbor $300.00 Accessories New Garden Arbor $300.00 Texture - Graphite Texture - Sandea Texture - White Texture - Bronze Age Texture - Black Texture [...]

BCH-1500 Aluminum Bench

Aluminum Bench BCH-1500
Introducing The BCH-1500 Our latest creation. This bench is made entirely of 1" X 2" material. The one one pictured is 72" long. Commercial outdoor recreational park bench. Benches Cushion Pit Group Bench $850.00 Benches Aluminum Bench BCH-1500 $1,000.00 Benches Aluminum Picnic Table $2,800.00 Benches Curved Aluminum Bench $1,700.00 Accessories Aluminum Backless Bench – B-2013 [...]

Aluminum Restaurant Chairs

Sheet Cast Aluminum Design Florida Patio's latest creation. SC-49 sheet cast dining chair. Perfect for any restaurant dining area. All aluminum, and the footprint is smaller than other chairs. Furniture Photo Gallery Aluminum Chairs Restaurant Chair SC-49 $178.00 Aluminum Chairs Sheet Cast Bar Chair SC-77D $284.22 Aluminum Chairs All Aluminum Bar Stools -SC-75 $320.31 Aluminum [...]

Happy Valentines Day

Custom Aluminum designs & Natural Faux Wood! Factory Direct Wholesale Prices. Submit Quote & Save...Happy Valentine's Day 2019 Fiberglass Top Acrylic Top Solid Pattern A Round Boardwalk Round Crop Circle Round Enterprise Round Mayan Round Sunfire Wood Color Black Wood Color Brown Wood Color Cedar Wood Color Driftwood Wood Color Green Wood Color White