Florida Patio's Powder Coating Excels in Salt Spray Testing!

One Thousand Hours

Florida Patio’s powder coating was recently tested by TCI Powder Coatings in Ellaville, GA.  Here is Wikipedia’s description of Salt Spray Testing:

The salt spray test is a standardized test method used to check corrosion resistance of coated samples. Coatings provide corrosion resistance to metallic parts made of steel, zamak or brass. Since coatings can provide a high corrosion resistance through the intended life of the part in use, it is necessary to check corrosion resistance by other means. Salt spray test is an accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack to the coated samples in order to predict its suitability in use as a protective finish. The appearance of corrosion products (oxides) is evaluated after a period of time. Test duration depends on the corrosion resistance of the coating; the more corrosion resistant the coating is, the longer the period in testing without showing signs of corrosion.

Powder coated plates of aluminum from our factory in Palmetto, FL were placed in a Salt Spray Cabinet like this:

Salt Spray Cabinet

Here is the Salt Spray Key that shows the variables:

Salt Spray Key

And here are the results:

Results of 1,000 hours of testing

Results of 2,000 hours of testing

Results of 3,000 hours of testing

Florida Patio is very proud of our Powder Coating Department and all of our Powder Coating Technicians! This is why our furniture looks good year after year! Florida Patio makes the World’s Finest Patio Furniture!