The Millennium Collection: The M-52 Lounge Chair’s Final Assembly

M-50 Dining Chair - Final Assembly

The Millennium Collection is Florida Patio’s newest indoor/outdoor furniture line. We have been taking you through the entire development process of the first product in the Millennium Collection, The M-52 Lounge Chair. Today we see the M-52’s Final Assembly.

M-52 Lounge Chair - Final Assembly

The M-52’s pewter crater, powder coated frame enters the final assembly department with clear plastic wrap. This is to protect the frames finish from the accidental slip of tool.

M-52 Lounge Chair Final Assembly 1

M-52 Lounge Chair Final Assembly 2

Above a Florida Patio technician uses a cordless screw gun to fasten the Sling Fabric firmly to the chairs rigid frame.

Here you see the finished product, the world’s first M-52 Lounge Chair! The new Millennium Collection by Florida Patio, Florida Patio makes the World’s Finest Patio Furniture!