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Eclipse Line Patio Furniture from Florida Patio

Eclipse Line Patio Furniture from Florida Patio

Eclipse line sling patio furniture is the first and only sling line ever made just for the hard abuse commercial market and how we as a large scale refinisher came to understand the failings and mistakes of other manufacturers sling furniture as it pertains to the contract commercial market.

E-350 Eclipse Line Chaise Lounge with Wheels.Sling furniture came into the market in large scale in the early years and for the first 5 to 8 years was only sold in the retail market as homeowners who would take better care of there furniture and will not press using it at a 100% utility use percentage like the commercial market commonly demands. However, since it looked different and better than standard strap furniture as well as the fabric breathing making it more comfortable and less hot than vinyl in the afternoon sun, the demand for it to be used in the commercial market just grew and grew and then almost faded out due to how poor it stood up to the abuses and usages of the commercial environment.

So we, at Florida Patio took it upon ourselves to create a sling line product that would hold up as long or longer in the contract commercial environment as well as making it easy and affordable to refinish so it could be used for decades upon decades just by sandblasting and re-powder coating and replacing the sling material we came out with our style rich Eclipse line where we married form with function.

E-50 Dining Chair by Florida PatioWe started with one of the strongest triple mandrel aluminum extrusions on the market and then we had an aluminum extrusion company build us a die for the sling channel that the fabric is held in by as all the ones available were still being produced for the retail market. Other manufacturers just continued to use it refusing to spend the money to do the job right as they used the fine print in there warranty’s as a shield from ever having to make good on the warrantee.

Florida Patio saw this patently unfair to our valued customers and out of all that the Eclipse line was born, then on the body structure of the chaise we added two extra braces as this had been a very weak point in the past with all the different styles of sling furniture we would refinish and then on the headrest we added another brace there just for good measure.

On the arms of the chair we came up with a double arm style to make it look like no other sling patio furniture as well as reinforcing the back and forth wiggle of the chair when sitting and rising up out of the chair to almost zero where most chairs have a 8 to 10% movement with this simple normal reaction and over time this caused the fasteners used to become loose and then with time pop out altogether. With our design this has been eliminated completely and with our chaise lounge having the same body style as the chair arms that double arm style served the same purpose for the chaise as the chair and when we sell our Eclipse line we always advise our customers to pick there fabric from the wicker weave and cane wicker sections of our fabric samples as if you are going to buy the strongest best looking most affordable sling line on the market today.

E-351 Swivel Rocker from Florida PatioYou need to pick the fabric that is built to hold up long and well just like the furniture it resides in as those two fabric style choices have over double the thread count per square inch as all the other styles also when we machine our parts to be welded we leave at least a 1/4″ gap for the welder to fill making the weld on that line of furniture 20% stronger than our completion due to the deep penetration it allows them to get with the weld.

The end result is a sling furniture line like no other on the market today which refuses to hide behind the fine print of its warranty as it stands on its own in even the most hostile environment with 100% duty cycle usage and it holds up year after year.