"Hmm…. I wonder if that chair will hold me?"

Used Patio Furniture

FloridaPatioLogo“Hmm…. I wonder if that chair will hold me?” That’s what I was thinking. It was Memorial Day weekend and I was invited to a nice spring get together with family and friends. There were people there that I hadn’t seen in years, it was a really great day! When lunch was served from the grill, I made myself a plate and started looking for a place to sit. There were a lot of people there, so I wasn’t surprised to only find two empty chairs.

Patio furniture in need o frefinishing.
This is a great example of patio furniture in need of refinishing. This furniture will like brand new when we ship it.

One chair was some kind of portable contraption that looked like it was made from a tennis shoe and some plastic sticks. I could tell by the way it was metamorphosing before my eyes that it came from a bag…and couldn’t wait to get back in it! Besides that, it was 2 inches from the ground. This chair was not an option.

The second chair was a perfect height, nice and wide with a strong frame….or was it? I looked the chair over, it looked pretty beat. The finish was pealing off, the straps were saggy and dull, this chair had seen some action. I thought to myself; “Hmm… I wonder if that chair would hold me?”

I remembered that party when my buddy Mike crushed that old chair with a plate of spare ribs in his hands! When he stood up to show his white shirt covered in Barbecue sauce, I thought he would get a standing ovation! Then I remembered that cook out my Aunt Linda had, when a chair collapsed and her elderly neighbor broke her wrist and spent the rest of the day in the Emergency Room. Nobody laughed when that happened, it wasn’t funny.

High Quality Stainless Steel Hardware
Florida Patio uses only high quality, stainless steel hardware, so it will NEVER RUST!

In today’s slow economy, smart people have found new ways to maintain a certain lifestyle without breaking the bank. Nothing  says “Spring Time” like a fresh cut backyard and new patio furniture! Wether it is the American standard, vinyl strap furniture, or contemporary, premium sling patio furniture. New patio furniture makes the whole yard look brand new!

Florida Patio makes the World’s Finest Patio Furniture! But we also do a whoooooo lotta refinishing too! Just don’t tell the Jonses we told you! We get in furniture that looks like this (This is exactly what the second chair looked like):

Old Patio Furniture

The first thing we do is remove the straps or fabric and strip the furniture down to the frame like this:
Patio Furniture Stripped

We inspect the chair thoroughly. Safety is our primary concern! Of course we want the refurbished patio furniture to look great, but a new paint job wont prevent a broken wrist. We inspect the structural integrity of every weld and if there is any question, we fix it! Like this:

Patio Furniture Repair

After repairs are made and re-inspected, the patio furniture is sand blasted and wire brushed down to bare, sturdy aluminum. Like this:

Sandblasted Patio Furniture

The furniture is meticulously sprayed with a powder coated finish. We offer dozens of colors, fabrics and finishes as well as new textured finishes. The powder coated patio furniture is then baked in a large oven at 400 degrees. The results are amazing! The furniture looks brand new!

We also have refurbished furniture for sale from time to time. Often a Hotel, Resort, Theme Park or Cruise Ship will update their deck furniture. Hospitality is a very competitive market, businesses will often update all of their outdoor furniture on the basis of style! Sometimes we purchase their old furniture (which is often very nice) and refinish it using our 10 step process. We pass the savings on to you! Call us for availability. You may be very surprised how affordable it is to have your back yard looking brand new! And don’t worry…we wont tell the Jonses!


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